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Krystal Reynolds

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

“Im going tubing”

If any of you know me, I am sure at some point you have heard me mention how important it is to get a colonics done (as I say, “I’m going tubing”).   The first question out of people’s mouths is “What is that?”  I am here to answer your question in more professional terms; “Colon Hydrotherapy  is a therapy session that provides an effective and safe method for cleansing the three to five foot long, two and a half inch diameter colon without any sanitation risk. Triple purified water is used to gently flush the colon of waste material which may stay trapped in the colon for some time. This waste material may be impacted feces, mucous, parasites, dead cellular tissue, worms, etc., and may cause problem conditions. We think of colonics as a rejuvenation treatment.”

If you do know me, you may understand and accept that I have an unfiltered mouth. (and I do thank you for accepting that about me :) ).  I say things as they are – straight and to the point.  I mean what I say, and believe in what I say. Please schedule an appointment with my trusting friend Gabrielle at http://intestinalfitnessllc.com to get that intestine cleaned out!  Don’t be scared, don’t be embarrassed;  in fact if you don’t get these done, you may feel embarrassed as you are most likely full of gas, and have built up poop in your system that may be preventing you from achieving all the fitness and health results you desire.  Think of the French fry that dropped between your car seat and is still there 2 months, even 2 years later and looks the same…. well imagine what is doing sitting in your intestines…. .  If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to take a look at  http://intestinalfitnessllc.com/faq.html and call 919-872-2110 to get further information and schedule your appointment.

Krystal Reynolds

Take Your Workout Outside!

Get ready to take your workout outside!

There is nothing better than getting your dose of essential nutrients and fresh air now that the days are longer and warmer. Exercising outdoors is very beneficial for the mind, as well as the body.  Exercising inside a gym can fixate the mind within that space and provides no mental stimulation.  This can have the tendency to make you feel bored and unmotivated.  However, exercising outside stimulates your senses and connects your mind and body, which is a perfect way to fight boredom!

There have been numerous studies done to compare exercising indoors vs. outdoors.  When evaluating exercise indoors and exercising in natural environment, research shows there is more of an improvement in mental well-being when workouts are done outside.  The natural environment provides a greater feeling of revitalization, increased energy, and positive engagement. A study from www.sciencedaily.com also showed a larger decrease in tension, confusion, and depression when exercising outside vs. inside.  Exercising in general increases all these factors, but taking your workout outdoors substantially increases these benefits.  Even the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that indoor air is more than twice polluted as outdoor air.

Wind, gravity, ground reactions, and varied terrain are some factors why a study found that exercising outdoors can increase the calories burned by 5 – 7percent more per workout.  Our bodies are required to use more muscles outside than traditional gym-based workout programs.  Fluctuating temperatures can also cause you to burn more calories because the body has to work harder to stabilize the core temperature to remain at 98.6 degrees.

Increasing the body’s intake of Vitamin D gained from sunlight, fresh air, freedom of movement, using more muscles, more caloric output, and positive mental stimulation seems much more appealing than strip florescent lights and non stimulating confinements of a typical gym setting.   Having a positive outlook on things makes me think of one of my favorite quotes: “As we change the way we look at things the things we look at change.” All these things can be life changing

Feel free to leave any comments or feeback below, I am always listening :)

Krystal Reynolds

Do Something About It!

Saddle Bags, thunder thighs, love handles, double chin…if these words come to mind when you look at yourself then it is time take responsibility for your own health. Appearance may not be something you’re concerned about, however; high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes are nothing to joke about.  Two-thirds of all diseases are a result of our lifestyle choices.  Really take time to think about that fact.  Most of the diseases people in the US have are their own fault.  We could have and can prevent most diseasesfrom happening.  So turn off the TV, stop worrying about what the Kardashians and the Housewives’ are up to. Now get up and do something that will benefit you; your health, body, mind, spirit, and your appearance.  Decide on your priorities and live by them.  It is timeto have a preventative way of thinking.
The person you are today is a result of all the choices you have made the past.  Take a little bit of time to acknowledge what body you want, the  diseases you want to prevent, and the health you want to have.  Now you have begun to take the first critical step towards improving your life.  If you are overweight and/or unhappy with yourself it is up to you (and you alone) to make the changes necessary to achieve the healthiness you desire.  The second you accept full responsibility of who you are is the moment you are ready to start living the life you want and the body you deserve.

It is up to you to decide on who you want to be and what you want to accomplish.  With this change in behavior you will notice how this can go deeper than just health and fitness.  Taking control of your health and fitness can be the first step you take in building confidence, awareness,
self control, discipline, focus, balance, strength, honor, trusting in yourself, and personal integrity.  Think of how far these traits and habits can take you in life.

You can change your body no matter what your fitness level is today. By focusing on the areas of your life that you can control (i.e. what, where, and how much you eat; the frequency, duration, and type of exercise you do, how focused you are on achieving your goal, and the mindset you develop), you can achieve and maintain your fitness and health goals.  We all have 168 hours a week.  Deciding how you spend those hours can be beneficial or leave you feeling sorry for yourself. Remember, you made the choice to get enough quality sleep or to be sleep deprived; to eat clean and healthy or to eat processed genetically modified food; to get the proper amount of exercise in for your body and mind or to lay around watching TV saying you will get to it later.  Dedicate yourself to a mindset that reduces stress and increases your focus on achieving and sustaining your goal.

“If you are ever going to change your life you must change your thinking.”  The way you are thinking about yourself right now is molding you into the person you are becoming.  In order to live a full life of energy, vitality, and good health in a body free of disease and obesity, we must do what is necessary to obtain the results we desire.

Here are a few steps on what you can do to get started on transforming your mind and body into who you want to be, how you want to feel,
and how you want look.

  1. Make the decision. Only you can do this.  You have to want it as bad as I want youto.  I can inspire you to take control, but “I can’t do your pushups for you.” Ask yourself why do you want to be healthy?  Why do you value your body?  How would you feel if you had decreased mobility?  These are questions that can help you decide on what you want.
  2. Write out your goals. Goals are specific, measurable, results you would like to achieve at a determined time in the future. Goal setting is a proven and powerful success technique in directing your energy towards the tasks you wish to accomplish.
  3. Visualize your goals. See yourself having all your desired results.  Start acting how someone who has these goals would act. Would a healthy in-shape person have a pantry full of chips, donuts, and other processed foods?  Would a healthy fit person chose to each Big Macs, buckets of fried chicken, and other high fat cholesterol loaded foods?  No! So start acting and become that person you wish to be. Many athletes have used visualization as an amazing technique to provide their subconscious minds with instructions to act in a winning fashion.  If you want to be there, you can be!
  4. Plan. Make an action plan for achieving your goal.  I’m sure you have heard before “failing to plan is planning to fail.” Schedule your time out for when you will go to the gym, run at the park, swim, practice Yoga, resistance train, enjoy Pilates, spin, and other fun things like rock climbing, hill sprints, rollerblade, play basketball, etc.  Use your daily planner to schedule out your time, so you have no more excuses.  You can plan everything from when you will wake up, what you will eat, consume your meals, work your job, exercise, run errands, when they have to be finished, how you will exercise your mind, continue learning, and go to sleep.  Soon when you establish good habits you may not need to write everything down as these are a part of your life, just like brushing your teeth- it’s something you have to do!
  5. Do! Be consistent – “There is a difference between being interested and committed.  When you are interested in something you do it at your convenience, when your committed you accept no excuses only results”  You must tell yourself that no matter what obstacles come in your way you will remain totally committed in achieving your goals.
  6. Reward yourself. Making the decision to take control of your health and pushing your fitness to the next level is a huge accomplishment that will establish positive habits in other areas of life.  Take some time to reflect and recognize how life changing and exciting this new mission is and the results you are gaining from it. Notice how well you are doing.  Get rid of the negative self talk, and only give yourself positive affirmations.  Remember “You are today where our thoughts have brought you and you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”