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Take Your Workout Outside!

Get ready to take your workout outside!

There is nothing better than getting your dose of essential nutrients and fresh air now that the days are longer and warmer. Exercising outdoors is very beneficial for the mind, as well as the body.  Exercising inside a gym can fixate the mind within that space and provides no mental stimulation.  This can have the tendency to make you feel bored and unmotivated.  However, exercising outside stimulates your senses and connects your mind and body, which is a perfect way to fight boredom!

There have been numerous studies done to compare exercising indoors vs. outdoors.  When evaluating exercise indoors and exercising in natural environment, research shows there is more of an improvement in mental well-being when workouts are done outside.  The natural environment provides a greater feeling of revitalization, increased energy, and positive engagement. A study from www.sciencedaily.com also showed a larger decrease in tension, confusion, and depression when exercising outside vs. inside.  Exercising in general increases all these factors, but taking your workout outdoors substantially increases these benefits.  Even the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that indoor air is more than twice polluted as outdoor air.

Wind, gravity, ground reactions, and varied terrain are some factors why a study found that exercising outdoors can increase the calories burned by 5 – 7percent more per workout.  Our bodies are required to use more muscles outside than traditional gym-based workout programs.  Fluctuating temperatures can also cause you to burn more calories because the body has to work harder to stabilize the core temperature to remain at 98.6 degrees.

Increasing the body’s intake of Vitamin D gained from sunlight, fresh air, freedom of movement, using more muscles, more caloric output, and positive mental stimulation seems much more appealing than strip florescent lights and non stimulating confinements of a typical gym setting.   Having a positive outlook on things makes me think of one of my favorite quotes: “As we change the way we look at things the things we look at change.” All these things can be life changing

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